We do a lot of research and development in the field of recovery and environmental sustainabilityIn fact we believe that performance doesn’t have to come at the cost of integrity.

At SHER we use fabrics, materials and processes that improve performance and reduce the impact on the environment, from materials' selection, throughout the manufacturing stage up to packaging. 

QUALITY  We believe that the best way to act responsible is to reduce the amount of products that flow to the market. Sher's collections are very limited, focusing on developing items that have a reason to be and that solve a true problem for Sher women. We are sure that "less is more" and that we all can make it through our active lifestyle with a compact but selected wardrobe. Sher products are manufactured in high standard factories where workmanship is at its excellence to ensure that every single piece lasts in time. The minimalistic design and the sophisticated style are not just following a trend, but they are made to be trendy over time and there is no need to replace them after a season.

RAW MATERIALS From the very beginning at SHER we have had a sustainable approach to the selection of raw materials, offering some styles partially or exclusively produced with high quality fabrics made in Italy, selected from dead stock. Every year, tons of high tech sport fabrics are burned or ending up in landfill because of brands' wrong forecasts and accumulations of stocks of fabrics. All year round we are collaborating with Italian and Portuguese textile producers and garment manufacturers to track suitable fabrics down, choose them carefully, execute quality tests and integrate them in our collection. For all other fabrics we are always seeking for textile that derive from recycling processes or even made of biodegradable fibers. We seek for fabrics that are of high quality and long-lasting, to match our philosophy of products that last in time. Most textiles in use are Oekotex 100 certified. All textiles are free of harmful substances and follow the European guidelines.

PACKAGING At Sher we're really trying hard to avoid one-way-use materials, especially plastics. Therefore, all our product shipments are packed in fabric bags, sewn from stock fabrics that we return to origin for re-use after the delivery. As our customers, you will receive all our products packed in recycled avana boxes and wrapped in silk paper that can easily be re-used or recycled.

PRODUCTION We truly care about where we produce our garments. Our partner factories are located in North Italy and in the North of Portugal. We know them personally and have selected them based on their standards, work ethics and quality. We like to reduce the ways of transportation as much as possible and therefor we select also raw materials close to the home of production.