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Claudia Rier Sher ambassador athlete women cycling road biking
Helenia Sartorato Sher ambassador athlete women cycling road biking MAra Mosole Sher ambassador athlete women cycling road biking

Claudia Rier

Claudia is born in the Dolomites and as a passionate cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, she knows all the summits and passes of the region like the back of her hand. As soon as the winter is over and the touring skis are stored in the cellar, a long and intense cycling season starts that includes a variety of race, like for example the "Maratona dles Dolomites", "Giro delle Dolomiti" or the "Chase the Sun". What we love about her is that even after 200km her style is perfect and she won't miss out on a glass of excellent bubbles. 


Helenia Sartorato

Helenia has a background in ballet, synchronised swimming and body building, before she discovered cycling as a sport that today takes all her attention. She starts her days with an average of 120km on the saddle before going to work and carries out her workouts constantly and continuously. Her discipline and sacrifice has led to several victories and podium places in many Grand Fondo races as well as national championship circuit races. Despite the high expectations on herself to perform, at the end what she values most in cycling are friendship, solidarity and respect.

Mara Mosole

Born and raised in a family of cyclists, she started her career racing with the badge of her cousin, who had to stay home with fever. That was the moment when cycling became her life. The list of titles is endless: she won fifty races between road and track, she was Italian Champion, won several Venetian titles and was part of four World Cups: Barcelona, Bassano del Grappa, Colorado Spring, Villach. What still distinguishes her today is her great passion for cycling, combined with a genuine smile, great humility and empathy.



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